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Door Sweep
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Starting Price: $25-75 on average. Size and wood can affect price. Shipping is additional. Please complete quote form with your desired length, wood and quantity. Follow through with quoting process and put your preferences in COMMENT section at end. We'll provide quote thereafter. Designed for wooden screen and storm doors, our decorative door sweeps can also be used as a quick way to seal up drafty old entry doors, interior doors leading to a garage or to keep bugs from running under your screen door. Door sweeps and door stops with seals are made to order, cut to length and can be shipped to your home. Trimming and cutting to fit your door opening will have to be done on site. Simply cut the sweep to length and brad nail to the surface of your door on either the interior or exterior. If your door gets rained on, it is best to install on the interior so the water doesn’t lay on top of the sweep.