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Why Choose Vintage Doors?

We believe the real question is: why would you choose someone else?

Vintage Doors Direct:

Add years of lasting value to your home buying high quality custom solid wood doors directly through Vintage Doors!

No we don't have dealers. This means we extend our thorough product knowledge, expert advice and service directly to you without the over inflated price.

Plus many door installations can be a DIY project allowing you to add even more value to your home for less. Buy direct and install yourself, the one-two punch on savings and value. We'll be there to help you every step of the way.

Note: some installations may require a professional.

A Timeless Expression

At YesterYear's we believe that an entrance door is much more than just an entry point into your home - it makes a tasteful statement about the people who live inside. Our clients understand and appreciate the warmth and beauty that a genuine, solid wood door can add to an entry or any interior room. Aside from their general aesthetic pleasures, our solid wood doors will enhance and retain their beauty and value for many years to come. A YesterYear's solid wood door will unquestionably create a timeless expression for your new or remodeled home that other materials and manufacturers cannot match.

100% Solid Wood - Beware of Imposters!

YesterYear's Vintage Doors uses Real Solid Wood Stile & Rail Construction (shown left). This means that your door is solid mahogany throughout. You are receiving the best quality. Other manufacturers use Laminated and or "Engineered" stile & rail construction and label their doors "solid wood panel". Don't be fooled. These are lower quality doors. (shown right). YesterYear's has replaced many of these so called "solid wood doors" in which the thin veneer has delaminiated.

Reasonably Priced

Our vintage doors are very reasonably priced relative to the quality handcraftsmanship, superior materials and measurable benefits that you will receive. As with any purchase, it is important to consider and weigh the long-term value beyond the initial purchase price. Think of your new solid wood door as an investment - it is not just a functional door, but what amounts to a work of art on the face and/or interior of your home. Any of our solid wood doors will surely enhance a home's value and with proper finishing, last a lifetime. Increasing the value of your home isn't the only monetary benefit that you will receive however. Since wood is dense, sturdy, and naturally dependable, choosing our reliable solid wood doors can save thousands of dollars on replacements and repairs in the future. Lastly, wood is a natural insulator - purchasing energy efficient products definitely offer measurable, annual savings on heating and cooling expenses.

Professional & Personal Attention

Beyond the measurable, it is important to recognize that our experienced customer service representatives are willing to work with each and every client on a one-to-one basis to learn exactly what you wish to accomplish for any new construction or home renovation project. Whether you are a homeowner, builder, designer or architect we look forward to personally working with you to fulfill your design needs. By investing in a YesterYear's door you are cutting out the inexperienced middle man (dealer, building supply or vendor), which saves you time and money by dealing directly with the company that is building your door. YesterYear's takes great pride in customizing each order and providing you with the individual professional attention needed to complete your project.

Any Design Project, Any Size, Any Wood

Nothing is impossible at YesterYear's. We build and fashion custom doors to your individual specifications, always placing the emphasis on "solid wood." It is our goal to make sure your vision and aspirations are completely fulfilled. We welcome you to choose from any of the designs on our website or catalog and encourage you to send us any custom designs you might have. Only the finest, premium and select kiln-dried hardwoods are used in our solid wood productions. Choices of hardwoods are the customer's preference - including Poplar, Pine, Red Oak, Maple, Ash, White Oak, Spanish cedar, Douglas fir, Cherry, African & Honduran Mahogany, Quarter Sawn Red Oak, and Quarter Sawn White Oak.

Handcrafted in the USA

We believe that custom, solid wood doors should reflect and portray true American skill and art. The production of your one-of-a kind door starts with our highly skilled craftsmen selecting the correct pieces of the rough sawn, kiln dried, real solid wood of your preference. Our skilled craftsmen then carefully mill each solid wood door component with precision to construct your door. Each fabrication process is performed with care and attention to detail by highly skilled hands - right down to finish sanding and then ultimately building a custom crate to safely ship your door. At YesterYear's you receive the superior quality of a real solid wood door, with precision craftsmanship that has proven to last for lifetimes.

Built For Generations to Come

When you take a moment and reflect back, every door since the beginning of time was a solid wood door. In fact, people walk in and out of solid wood doors as old as our nation every day! There was simply no such thing as aluminum, particle board, fiberglass or engineered doors years ago. Despite these advances in material, our genuine solid wood doors will never be out of fashion and will continue to remain a tasteful and admirable choice in today's world. Our solid wood doors will elegantly transform your home and endure the test of time for generations to come - Count on YesterYear's for the best yesterday, today and tomorrow!